Online Vs Offline Digital Marketing Courses

Online Vs Offline Digital Marketing Courses;

Are you looking forward to pursuing a digital marketing course??? But confused and wondering whether to go for a digital marketing course online or for a digital marketing course offline. Then you are in the right place. This blog post will clear all your doubts and will give you a clear idea about which one to choose!

In the present age, a digital marketing course is one of the best remunerative career options In India (Economictimes) and worldwide.

These days Internet consumption has increased worldwide. More and more businesses are moving towards web-based marketing forms from traditional forms of marketing. And due to high usage, the Internet is changing our day-to-day lives. And also consumer behavior which is why digital marketing courses have become inescapable for any business or an individual.

Many national and international brands have already started taking digital marketing seriously. And they are playing very aggressively on social media and other digital platforms.

We are delighted that you have decided to make a career in digital marketing. But before we jump into Online vs Offline Digital Marketing Courses, you must know the popular courses available in the industry. These are the 4 types of courses available in Digital Marketing;

  • Basic Course or Workshop in Digital Marketing (Duration – 3 days to 30 days)
  • Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing (Duration – 3 to 4 Months)
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (Duration – 6 months and above)
  • Post Graduate in Digital Marketing (Duration – 1 Year)

PG must be a University certificate/affiliated. Without a University validation, there is no value for your PG certificate. 

If you are looking for a university-affiliated course and certificate in Digital Marketing, at NIDE we have both courses affiliated with JAIN University at an affordable course fee. A Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (duration – 7 months) and a Post Graduate in Digital Marketing (duration – 1 Year). Both have an On-Site work-from-home Paid Internship facility and a 100% Placement Guarantee, not just assistance.

Now coming to your quandary about where to do your digital marketing course from? Which one is better online Vs offline Digital Marketing Courses?

Online Vs Offline Digital Marketing Courses

For that, there are a few points that you have to get clear on,

  • Identify your requirements and intent.
  • How much time you can invest?
  • What is your total budget?
  • Do you already have some basic idea about digital marketing or not?

Once you get the answers to the above points and then you can know what exactly you need.

Now let’s take you further.

Well, both ways of learning online or offline have their own pros and cons.

So, let’s talk about the pros and cons of Online vs offline Digital Marketing Courses.

Online Digital Marketing Course


  1. Time Flexibility and Location Independence

Digital marketing online course gives you time flexibility. So, for those who are working or are students or have some other reason because of which they are unable to go to the physical classes or institute, they can enroll in Digital Marketing courses online which allow them to learn anytime from anywhere can easily learn it online.

  1. Best for the Professionals as they have less time to invest.

Most of the online courses don’t offer in-depth knowledge because of this it is difficult to gain a practical and deeper understanding of tools used for digital marketing and their subjects. So, it can be beneficial for professionals who already have basic knowledge about digital marketing.

  1. You get your Lectures Recorded and are downloadable.

You will never miss out on your online lecture because the lectures are always recorded and are downloadable. So, it stays with you forever, and is reassuring to know that you will always have every lecture with you in the form of audio, videos, or documents.

  1. Inexpensive / Cost-Effective

Digital marketing online course is inexpensive which is another determining factor for anyone. The online course is cheaper than the offline course to a considerable extent.

You don’t have to pay for additional costs like travel expenses, accommodation expenses, or any such recurring expenses that might affect your budget.

  1. Efficient Learning management system

Almost every digital marketing online institute has a Learning Management System (LMS) which means they store all the course study material and training sessions stored in one online portal. Which helps students to go through the classes or the study materials anytime, even after the session is complete. Therefore, it is a relief that all of the stuff that you learned in your class is never lost and is always accessible through these learning management systems anytime and anywhere.

  1. Online courses eliminate the geographical barriers.

You can get an online course from whichever country you like. For example, students from countries like India, New Zealand, Nepal, Malaysia, the USA, Greece, Dubai, and Egypt can always take up an Online course from countries like the US, Australia, or any other parts of the world.

Similarly, students from the US can take up a course in India, the USA, the UK Australia, and any other place of their choice.

  1. No Distraction or Intrusion

During online classes, you learn alone and you concentrate on the course by yourself. There is very little chance of distraction which usually occurs in an offline class.

So, the student can have long hours of study without any sort of disturbance or distractions.

  1. Independent & Self-reliance Learnings

In Online Courses, you practice your learnings independently with self-reliance, which helps you to make decisions all by yourself while you get training under the course.

The trainers are there for your assistance every step of the way, but the practical exercises are something that you do on your own. By understanding this gap, at NIDE we provide 100+ hours of practice and lifetime access to live classes and course materials.

Since you are following the instructions by yourself without the help of anyone, also you are not being overindulged. So, you are not dependent on your teachers or trainers for every little thing. You can work on assignments on your own and explore more. Thus, an online course makes you more technically sound.

  1. It is for everyone

Anyone with an interest or preference for digital learning can stand to gain from digital marketing online courses.

Can be, housewives, freelancers, bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and students who do not have enough time to go to a physical on-campus program can always get enrolled in a digital marketing course online for the learnings.

For your reference; These are the Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Online Courses in India.


  1. Compulsory High-Speed Internet

Well, this is self-explanatory, if you want to attend live virtual classes, you will have to own a strong internet with high speed. We all have gone through frustrating periods when the internet is slow. We all know how irritating it can be.

If you want to learn through online courses, it is compulsory to have the best Internet speed.

  1. Limited group exposure & learning

You are not able to interact directly with other members or students of the online class as compared to the offline class. However, this problem can be solved by creating a group on social media platforms like WhatsApp and interacting via that group. Here you can brainstorm and exchange ideas while interacting with your fellow students in that group.

Although you get calm surroundings without any distractions in online courses still you can miss out on group learning since face-to-face exposure is missing in online courses.

  1. Half-hearted or Less Interest in Online Classes

The crucial downside of digital marketing online courses is that it is completely your responsibility. So, approach your online class with sincerity. You can’t have a careless attitude just because no one is watching you.

You have to be regular, proactive, attentive, and diligent while learning through online classes.

  1. Lacking in Queries or Doubt Clearance

Due to limited time, students lack to clear their doubts or queries as there are other attendees also with their respective doubts, It’s quite difficult to clear every query of each student at the same time during virtual classes. But this issue can be resolved by mailing each query via mail personally.

  1. Slightly Expensive Than Offline Courses

Online Course is comparatively more expensive than offline courses.

Offline Digital Marketing Course


  1. More interactive

One of the best advantages of offline courses is that you are present in an interactive atmosphere and you have the best chances of striking up a conversation when in doubt. You also get the opportunity to dig out different perspectives of different students and exchange ideas with them, also brainstorm in the classroom itself.

In Offline courses, you get more liberty to interact with other students, faculty members, and trainers as you have a face-to-face class module.

  1. Easy & Quick Doubt Clearance

Unlike online classes, you can have a discussion on your queries face to face and it is much easier to get your doubts solved in the classroom setting than in the online class.

You also have a better opportunity to communicate with your trainers for all purposes whether to clear doubts or for any confusion about the chapter that you cover in that particular session.

Moreover, in a classroom setting, you get instant feedback and you can also work in groups and build teamwork skills. Unlike virtual classes where you’re learning might just be ideal for you.

       3. Team Work Skills

Teamwork skills are enhanced in offline classes. Through the interactive sessions, you can solve queries, and exchange ideas with others. It also helps in networking.

Since you develop rapport with others over time, this helps to work better with teams. You indulge in the habit of handling, and assigning responsibility in your group and hence can solve problems accurately in your professional world as well.

  1. Adaptability to a diverse environment

In offline classes, you meet a diverse range of people. This helps you to develop the ability to work with a wide range of people from different places and cultural backgrounds. This also helps you to adapt to the unfavorable atmosphere and surroundings and turn them to your advantage.

  1. Affordable Fee

Most of the offline classes are affordable as compared to online classes.

  1. Direct guidance

In offline classes, you are under the direct guidance of trainers and the faculties, so the learning is quick.


  1. Location Dependency

Offline Classes are specifically in selected locations. So, you are completely dependent on a specific location for your classes. Several factors can restrict offline classes like class timings, traffic, and important events that can come in the way of you while attending the offline classes.

Moreover, since offline classes are never recorded thus you can miss out on the activities happening in the class once missed. Also, you cannot go back to the class conversations or small elements that were covered in the class.

  1. Dependence on trainers

Offline classes, make you over-dependent on your trainers even for the littlest of things and can stop you from becoming self-reliant and you may also lack to exercise the sessions practically with full efficiency all by yourself.

  1. More expensive than online courses

Offline courses are way more expensive than online courses. That is because of some extra expenses like traveling expenses, accommodation expenses, and other related expenditures that occur while pursuing offline classes.

The offline course also comes up with theoretical aspects which means you will have to buy a lot of textbooks that will add to your expenses which can be challenging for a lot of students.

  1. More time consuming

Offline digital marketing courses are more time-consuming than online courses which can mess up with your daily schedule. Especially when you are already into a job, and need to meet daily deadlines or have a tremendous workload.

Managing the time to go to an institute and learn, and come back braving traffic and work can be very hectic for anyone. Hence offline course is not a favorable option for professionals.

  1. Inflexible

Offline courses are generally inflexible and they are ideal for students and job seekers who are looking for a career in digital marketing.

Since you cannot go back to the classes once missed, so it becomes inconvenient to carry on with offline classes. If you miss one class, you miss a whole lot of information & activities related to the relevant topic. As they are not recorded anywhere so there is no way you can gain maximum value from that missed class which is of no use.

Also, most people apply for digital marketing courses to strengthen their knowledge, and to add a set of enhanced skills to their CV, but they are also actively working for various sectors. So, they can’t give up their careers for a course.

Conclusion On Online Vs Offline Digital Marketing Courses

Now above, you have the list of pros and cons for both digital marketing online courses as well as offline courses that justifies the blog online vs offline digital marketing courses.

It depends on your preferences how much time you have to invest in the course, what your total budget is, and how much knowledge you already have on digital marketing are some of the prime factors that help you decide to which course, online or offline is better for you.

When you enroll in a digital marketing course, make sure the course covers all essential elements with lots of practical training.

The most vital models of digital marketing like Website Creation and Planning, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Paid Marketing, Content Marketing and Strategy, Vlogging & Blogging, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing and Optimization, Web Analytics, Media Planning & Buying, Programmatic Ads, Brand Marketing & Positioning, e-Commerce Marketing, Third-Party Ads, and Online Reputation Management. All these important models can be the best learning only through practical exercises. This is why you all will see that most of the top digital marketing course providers teach the classes online.


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