Top 10 Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing in 2024

While planning to learn a course, several questions pop up in one’s mind like the following-

  1. Is a job guaranteed?
  2. Will it pay well? How well?
  3. What if there is a recession? Can I set up something on my own?
  4. What’s the work-life balance in this field?
  5. Is digital marketing worth learning?

In 2024, as we are still coming to terms with the new ways of work and life, one may have these and many questions regarding a career. However, let’s ponder on another important question that will make the picture clearer- What makes a good career-high salary? work satisfaction? or both?

Whether you pick any one or both, digital marketing is something worth investing your time and money in and there are enough reasons to back this statement.

We came up with 10 reasons that illustrate this further and answer the above questions. But before we get to that, here are a few concise reasons why digital marketing jobs are on the rise-

  1. Companies are reaping high benefits from digital selling: With the digital medium, there are innumerable advantages like accurate tracking of investment in various campaigns- views, clicks, sales and so companies are more focused on digital selling than the traditional ways like offline and mass media like TV channels.
  2. Selling beyond geographical boundaries: Selling to customers who are from another corner of the world has become possible only due to digitization. The geographical boundaries in knowledge sharing and communication are dissolved in the digital media and so businesses can acquire customers from across the globe.
  3. High ease and convenience: It is easier to do business through digital platforms than from a physical shop or office. The hassles and investments of physical selling are minimized when it comes to digital selling.
  4. Being pandemic proof: With the pandemic, businesses are now looking for ways that will ensure sustenance even in the “new normal”. Digitization is one of the inevitable ways that will secure businesses against the odds of a crisis like the pandemic.

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing in 2024

  1. Put an end to job-hunting woes

It’s no big revelation that there is increasing digitization at the local and global levels. The pandemic has transformed the way we do business and it is more commonly evident at the grassroots level where local businesses switched to cashless payment and home delivery and there came a boom in online content, home-based digital enterprises, and more. Needless to mention the flourishing of Ed-tech and online medical consultation has now changed the common perception about these services. The trend, as per prediction, is here to stay.

Imagine the vast digital transformations happening at the global level! With this, there are opportunities created in various sectors including marketing which is bound to be digital. According to reports, digital marketing jobs are amongst the top in-demand jobs worldwide and the numbers will keep increasing. These jobs are also amongst the highest-paid profiles in digitization giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Another report says – on average, there was a jump of 63% in the number of jobs listed under the umbrella of digital marketing on LinkedIn in 2024 so far. If we have to go by these numbers and statistics, learning digital marketing is sure to make one’s career secure and with a decent salary. So, there are high chances that you won’t have to deal with the struggles of job hunting.

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  1. Grab high-paying jobs

Be it a Digital Marketing Executive, Social Media Manager, Google Ads Manager, or Content Marketer all profiles under the domain come with a decent pay scale. As a beginner, one may have to invest in learning and gaining experience on paper, and thereafter, with expertise in the right niche, a higher salary is also inevitable. In leading companies, digital marketing managers and the VP of marketing bag the highest salaries.

In addition, in good companies, there are several perks offered along with engagement activities, great company culture, and opportunities to learn and advance their careers further. All and all, job security financial stability, and great company culture are assured with a career in this industry.

  1. Be not just employed, but have multiple sources of income

Marketing is immensely close to business principles and so actually learning to sell on various mediums means learning the skills to do business itself. And so, many experienced marketers venture into entrepreneurship and offer business consultations which helps them have multiple sources of earning and not be dependent on monthly salary alone.

Freelancing is common among digital marketers and many full-time marketers also take it up as a side hustle. Additionally, there are multiple ways to set up passive income generation channels like affiliate marketing and high-traffic blogs which are popular side hustles for digital marketers.

  1. Give your existing business the right lift

There are many independent professionals or business owners who can’t invest in appointing a qualified and experienced marketing professional. However, without knowledge of marketing principles and tools, they lose customers and business. By learning digital marketing, they can research and track their customers and get their sales numbers ticking.

A considerable percentage of learners of digital marketing courses are independent professionals who want to take their business to the next level by learning how to sell (let’s say) courses, services, or small-scale products.

  1. Get a great start after a career break

While many roles in a marketing team require expertise, beginner-level roles are also open for fresh graduates, those trying to restart their careers, and also for professionals looking to switch to a new career.

While many other job profiles prefer experienced candidates with a no or minimum gap policy, there are opportunities in DM that can be grabbed by even stay-at-moms looking for a career restart. In other words, as compared to other verticals, it is easier to bag your first job by learning digital marketing.

  1. Better work-life balance

A large number of people struggle to maintain a work-life balance and deal with the pressure of work, deadlines, extended office hours, exhaustion from commuting to work, and also monotony. Whereas in digital marketing profiles, most jobs have considerable work-life balance and employees report high satisfaction. Marketing jobs are one of the most creative jobs in the world and so professionals report high job satisfaction even when there is occasional burnout.

  1. A cost-effective way to transition into business, a new career

Whether one plans to take a paid course or set up a venture by learning digital marketing, there are ways in which one can do it cost-effectively. Some courses are not too heavy on the pocket, and at the same time offer paid internships through which the cost can be recovered. And so for those looking for a career transformation without investing much, this can be the right option for a kick start.

  1. Get creative satisfaction, interact with people

A day in the life of a digital marketer is all about sneaking onto the target customers, tracking the trending topics on social media, coming up with creative, out-of-the-box ideas for the next marketing campaign, interacting with clients and researching about them, crafting interesting copy and designs, dealing with analytics and data and much more.

As most of the work is around the target customer and about communication, it is high on creativity which reduces monotony at work. There are always new things to explore about the evolving market and products. And so, work in digital marketing can be full of creative challenges.

  1. More recognition and more academic opportunities

Though it had emerged as a short-term vocational course, in the last few years, many educational institutes began to offer professional certificates along with placement to candidates. Moreover, prestigious business schools are offering certifications in branding and digital marketing to make their students job-ready.

This has provided much-deserved recognition and has opened up careers as an academician in digital marketing. Professionals who have experience in the field required qualifications and are willing to teach can now make a great career.

  1. Wait, there’s a philanthropic side too

For someone who derives satisfaction from helping others grow or has a philanthropic bent of mind, training the underprivileged to start small-scale digital entrepreneurship is a good option to help others as you earn. For example, for underprivileged students, digital education might be a much-needed stepping stone toward a life of independence.

Am I eligible to learn Digital Marketing?


Although you may have heard that anyone can become a digital marketer even without formal learning, it depends highly on what company and job you are applying for.  For most of the profiles, the candidate must have a good command of the English language as the field relies highly on communication both verbal and non-verbal.

Ease in working on tools and software and a general curiosity about technology and current affairs can make your life smooth as a digital marketer.

Things to keep in mind

Though the reasons above might have painted a rosy picture of the career, there are a few key things to bear in mind.

  1. There are several candidates competing for a good profile in this field so it’s important to maintain a good portfolio to stand out in the crowd and bag the desired job.
  2. Fairly good written and verbal communication skills are a must and can be a game-changer in this industry.
  3. While it’s important to have broad knowledge about all aspects, picking a specialization can give an upper hand. Especially, in content writing, maintaining a portfolio in a particular niche is recommended.

So that’s a wrap.

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